About Us


Mission Statement

Providing customers with access to a huge selection of quality glass and smoking accessories at affordable prices.



About Us

Two friends from a small town.

We started Flight 24 LLC to accommodate people in small towns and rural areas. We believe everyone should have access to a huge selection of quality glass and great pricing from the comfort of their own home.

Coming from a small town ourselves, we understand how hard it can be to find quality glass at an affordable price. Small towns and rural area’s do not often have access to quality smoking products and since everyone “knows your name” it can be troublesome as well as expensive to go shopping for these types of products.

Flight 24 LLC offers the opportunity to explore high end products at reasonable prices with discreet packaging to customers who enjoy the smoking life without the advantages of those that live in a smoking environment.

Buckle up and prepare for take off, we look forward to you joining the Flight 24 family!

First flight, last stop.